Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Define Me

I saw "Define Me" by Ryan Amador featuring Jo Lampert earlier today. To say I cried is an understandment. I sobbed until I could no longer speak.

It's not enough that I am bisexual, but also disabled and fat. To imagine the hateful words that would cover my body, as I watched the video, I wanted to scream but couldn't. This song and video ripped out my heart and soul until I was a complete mess.

To know that there are others out there who feel this's so beyond wrong. I want to wrap my arms around those people who are lonely, betrayed by family, hurt, bullied and in pain and say YOU ARE SO LOVED.

You want to talk about the Bible and "sinning" well....I'll save my true words for when you DARE say it to my face. God isn't about hate. God is about LOVE. And GOD told me, to my heart, that we are ALL made in His image.

That's right, I'm going to say it: God is gay.

AND lesbian, transgender, bisexual, queer and straight. If God can manage being The Holy Trinity, I don't think He has a problem taking on all the sexual and gender identies HE created.

Get used to it.


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