Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Love and equality

The next few days are important. Cases being decided will define us, the United States. Do we truly want to be the Land of the FREE? Love is love. There is no reason to deny any human being their right to be LEGALLY married to the person they love. To deny families the LEGAL right to be a family. To use shame and bigotry to harm another human being.

This I believe, with all my heart and soul. Sadly, I was not always this way but GOD changed my heart. Yes, that's right, I said GOD. And who is anyone to tell me differently?

I am proud of my family and friends, gay, straight, bisexual, lesbian, transgender--or however you define yourself--who stand up for what is right and good and humane. Who see the bigger picture and respect that which is an inalienable right--to LOVE.

I am bisexual. I'm saying it here, out loud.

Am I really any different now that I've "said" that, who you thought I was a few minutes ago? I love my husband, my kids, my family , my friends. I like to write, quilt, paint my fingernails, cuddle with my dog, stand up against bullies, cheer on my favorite hockey team, cry at movies, get lost in a good book. Am I really that different from you?

I just happen to also like women.

The only sad thing about this is that I have to "hide" this part of me from certain people because of their small-minded ignorance. As do SO many people, here and around the world. THIS is wrong.

But not me, not the way I was born, not who I love.