Friday, January 4, 2013

Cravebox--The Dog Box

I have been a member of Cravebox since day one--a Beta member. As such, I've gotten nearly every box that has come out. Cravebox used to be a subscription service, but it recently changed to a drawing for the boxes. Like the sound of a box? Sign up and you might get chosen! By taking surveys you can earn "guaranteed choice" points which means you will get a box of your choice.

Last year I got the first Dog Box for Willow, our 5yo adopted Malinois/Whippet Mix. She was so happy and so was I! When I saw there was another box available, I signed up and used a guarantee point. The cost of the box was $13 (boxes range between $10-$15 and include shipping).

Willow can't wait to sniff everything in her box!!

The January Dog Cravebox
Bissell Stomp & Go Stain Lifting Pads, Keen Dehydrated Dog Food, Sentry Calming Collar, True Chews Chicken Jerky Fillets and In a Dog's Heart by Jennifer Arnold

I was delighted by the variety in this box. While we have a dog food that we feed Willow, having a "gourmet treat" now and then is nice for her. The treats are always a favorite--she gets one after baths, grooming and nail trims (she gets so excited when anyone says BATH TIME!).

The other three items will come in handy as we are planning on adopting a rescue Pug this year! I've received several of the Stomp & Go pads from Cravebox (I won a whole cleaning box from Bissell and Febreeze during a Twitter party) and they look great for house training! 

The collar is a new product--it is scented with a "calming pheremone", as well as lavender & chamomile. The idea is to use it during vet trips, grooming, storms--any time a dog may feel stressed. It's good for 30 days, although I suppose it could be used for those times and stored in a air-tight container, and perhaps "recharged" by adding more essential oils. It's a smaller size--too small for Willow's neck I think. Besides, she's a rather mellow dog to begin with. But this will be great for our Pug!

A note--due to a Pug's anatomy, collars should only be used as decorative wear. Leashes should be attached to a harness so that pressure isn't applied to their head/neck.

Finally, as an avid reader, I was very happy to recieve Jennifer Arnold's book, In a Dog's Heart: A Compassionate Guide to Canine Care from Adopting to Teaching to Bonding. No matter how much you think you know about dogs, it is always good to brush up on new techniques and refresh your skills. I am a huge fan of Cesar Milan--his methods worked fantastic with Willow. She is the perfect mellow Submissive dog and sees us as her pack. But since I've never had a pug, I know I will glean something  from this book that will be helpful! Plus I just like to read books about animals.

Willow snuggling with her new treats

Overall, this is a great box, and once more, I'm a happy Craver--and so is Willow :)

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