Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013--the Goals of a Headacheslayer

For years I have tried to keep "resolutions"......and wound up feeling like most people do by February--stuck in an old rut, unable to achieve those lofty goals. Fail.

So one year I changed it to New Year Goals. I know, semantics. But I'm an English major so that is right up my alley. Instead of putting down the usual "lose weight", "eat healthier", etc.....I started putting down things that would actually be fun and motivate me. I don't need a list to remind myself to eat healthy. And at the end of the year, how do you really calculate that?

I've been keeping a journal of these items--both resolutions and now goals--since 1997. It's fun to read through how I thought back then; not so fun for the cringe-worthy items. But now I look forward to picking up my journal throughout the year to either add or check off items.

There were *a lot* of things that did not get accomplished in 2012. Some were beyond my control, and that's ok. I can add them again this year without feeling like someone has tattooed a great big L on my forehead.

What I did do in 2012

  • Worked on jewelry. I'm learning some new techniques, got new tools and findings, and made my very first pair of earrings as well as a bookmark.
  • Created some items for my Zazzle store
  • Read a dozen books (migraines kindof kicked my butt this year)
  • Skype! I absolutely LOVE to Skype with my 3yo nephew--in fact, if he sees my face show up, he will "call" me LOL
  • Dyed my hair in some awesome colors--pink, purple, and "new rose" (thanks to Manic Panic!)
  • Became the Central Florida Representative for the Advisory Board of Jaylen's Challenge Foundation--BULLYING NO WAY!! (more on that in 2013!)
  • Scary Mommy of the week!
Perhaps not the most impressive year for me (except for the Advisory Board! SO EXCITED!!!), but sometimes you just get busy living life, you know?

I've been working on my list for 2013.....and I'm sure it will be added to, edited and such before next year's end!

For 2013:
  • Learn how to write grants--Part of my goal for how I can help Jaylen's Challenge Foundation
  • Begin my own system for "giving back" with my business, The Crafty Angel
  • Adopt a rescue pug
  • Audition for the Tampa Bay Lightning to sing The National Anthem/O Canada.....I would have done that in 2012 were it not for the NHL lockout :(
  • More quilts! More crafts! More jewelry! More artwork!
  • Finish my HouseMD fanfics......oh let's get real. I will never be done LOL But at least I need to wrap up a few chapters ;)
  • Connect more with my family and friends in 2013--Skype, texting and calling!
  • Go to see the musical WICKED!!!! JANUARY!!!! 3rd row center!!!!
  • Redesign my fish tank. I have one lonely fish in there. I'm redoing the entire tank and adding a few tankmates!
  • Monster Jam. Yes, thanks to HouseMD I am now a Monster Jam fan, along with my son. GRAVEDIGGERRRRRRRRRR! CAN. NOT. WAIT.
  • Turn my son's room into a REPTILE ROOM! lol that's just the decor theme ;) BUT he knows, if he keeps up the good work in school, he's going to get a bearded dragon (he wants to work with reptiles/amphibians)
  • Begin planning the redesign of my daughter's room. She will graduate from HS this June and will be going away to school She has given me permission to redo the room and use it as my own "Beautique" ;)
  • Begin the redesign of our own bedroom--it's a bit of an Indian/Moroccan theme. And if it looks like it does in my head, it's going to be awesome!
  • Read. Even. More. I'm on Goodreads as Headacheslayer.
  • BLOG. Even. More. I have a multitude of blogs that I want to try to update once a week. Or at least try.
So there you have it, my goals for the coming year. I really truly LOVE this list.

Happy New Year's! May 2013 bring you many blessings and joy!

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