Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall TV: Impressions part 2

I would be remiss if I didn't go more into detail about HOW FREAKING MUCH I LOVE some of the 2012 Fall Season new shows!

True, I did enjoy part of the *amazing* 48hr HouseMD Season 8 marathon on CLOO.  I haven't picked up the BluRay because I am waiting for the entire series to be transferred to this format. So it's been great seeing Seasons 7 and now 8 make it into syndication. Although watching hours of HouseMD S8 back to back brought me to one startling revelation: I would have rather put up with another year of Cuddy JUST so we didn't have the painful experience of having to watch Adams. There I said it. Not a Huddy. Never will be a Huddy. But I'll take her over the phenomenally BAD ACTING we had to endure because, sadly, Olivia Wilde was so smoking hot she got too many movie gigs to be more than in a few episodes.

Random hot photo of Olivia Wilde because THAT'S HOW MUCH I LOVE MY READERS.

So, back to the new shows....*snap snap* Eyes back here now.

Still ABSOLUTELY loving Elementary. Actor Jonny Lee Miller is......amazing. And so like House that I simply MUST love him. Digging Lucy Liu as well. This show can run forever. I can't say it is my favorite show this season, but one of my favorites! And yes I could listen to him forever, both speaking and on violin.


Chicago Fire....Kind of  a more tame version of Rescue Me meets ER (god how I loved THAT show. Both actually.). I like it, I think it has a good cast but wow, am I having a time with Jesse Spencer's..."accent". The premiere episode, his normally soothing voice was just annoying. But ep2 is seemed better. I wish they'd just let him use his normal voice. Or get him a better vocal coach. God knows I love you Jessie, but please...your voice is distracting me from all those gorgeous bodies. Like, say, from this one

Hmm did it get a little warm in here? I think I need a fireman ;)

Speaking of truly HOT NEW GUYS ON FALL TV....

ARROW has hit a BULL'S EYE with me! Ok, so there were many times I half-expected to hear him growl "I'm Batman". Rich playboy, a hot body, able to kick ass, and his own little hideout/batcave, all while protecting his city. Yum yum yum. Truly, the CW is batting it out of the park this season!! (um. no pun intended there).

I've only watched one episode of Beauty and the Beast and I like it. Really. Without having watched the original series, I like the way they explain his "beastliness". But honestly the special effects need some tweaking. His transformation isn't really that...scary. And the plot twists are already a bit confusing. But I will keep watching.

Finally, one show I didn't mention in my previous post that I gave a whirl--and WOW I am so glad I did!--was Emily Owens M.D. FREAKING ADORABLE! and funny, and sweet. I'm really quite pleased with all the "feel goods" available this season. Goodness knows we could all use more positive shows.

How sweet is this face? And wouldn't you want her to be your doctor? The inner monologues are hysterical. I never watched Ally McBeal (I know, another sin against me) but something tells me this is rather much like the humor from that. I'm really quite stunned this is on CW....not that CW is a bad station, just lately most of the shows are aimed at the teen crowd and this show doesn't fit that demographic IMO. Plus, it is THAT GOOD. Loved every single minute of the premiere!

*EDITED TO ADD* Well NO WONDER I love this show and NO WONDER that actress Mamie Gummer is SO FANTASTIC. Her mom is Meryl Streep!

I can't make any observations on this season of Grimm just, they are all on my DVR. Still. My 10yo son LOVES this show and we haven't had a chance to sit and do a marathon together. So maybe this weekend, just in time for pre-Halloween spookiness ;) Ditto for American Horror Story--that's one show my 17yo daughter is crazy for (and she watches very little TV) so we need to do a mini-marathon of the first 2 eps of this season.

I'm going to catch Mockingbird Lane, it appears to be a type of remake of The Munsters--which is, sorry, a poor substitute for The Addams Family. Yes I watched it. But it just lacked the awesomeness that was TAF.

This does have some appeal from what I saw from the preview. So I'll give it a whirl in the spirit of Halloween fun ;) Plus, Eddie Izzard is just pure joy to watch!

Desperately missing Smash. I still need to buy the songs that were not released on CD. Glee is on hiatus....and WTH, Glee? I cried my head off the last episode. Starting to want to rename it to Glum. Don't get me wrong, I will be a Gleek forever but damn, the whole Blane/Kurt thing about broke my heart.

And still I say,


Until next time.....

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