Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall TV 2012 Roundup!

One of the joys in my life is television. That was greatly enhanced by two things--an amazing Valentine's day gift from my husband--a fabulous flat screen tv--and a DVR. When you've got chronic illnesses and pain, TV is a great companion.

With a few of my favorites gone, and a slew of new ones this year, it's time for my impressions!

First, RIP to HouseMD and Desperate Housewives. I am still in mourning that the very handsome Hugh Laurie and adorable Robert Sean Leonard no longer grace my TV every Monday *sigh*.

Hooray for those who have returned!!


Looooove Smash! (Returning soon)

Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen--Hottest chef on the network!

Flipping Out makes me feel a bit better about my own OCD....

I should have known I'd love Grimm since it's done by someone from Buffy ;) And HOW ADORABLE is Monroe, a Blutbad (aka Big Bad Wolf).

My kids introduced me to Big Bang Theory this spring--I LOVE SHELDON COOPER! And Soft Kitty :)

American Horror Story Season 2 starts soon....amazing this creepy show is created by the creator of Glee!

Long Island Medium--Theresa Caputo, IMO is the REAL DEAL (and I am on the waiting list to have a reading from her).

NOW for the NEW SEASON! What's finding room on my DVR (so far)

I wasn't sure about this--I wasn't a big fan of Friends--but Go On is very sweet and funny.

Could it be? A possible fill-in for HouseMD? So it's crime and not medicine but if the first episode is any indication, I think I just found a new favorite! Bloody Brilliant indeed!

I thoroughly enjoyed the premiere of Last Resort. Reminds me a bit of Hunt for Red October. And I LURVE Andre Braugher (who was on HouseMD as Dr. Nolan). I worry about the story long-term though.

JJ Abrahms. Sword Fights. Two Thumbs way way UP for Revolution!

TOO Adorable for words! Also brought to you by the maker of GLEE. Another feel good--and SHAME on the bigots who won't air this. GUYS MARRY GUYS. Get over it!

Coming soon for my consideration:

Yummy, yes? CW does tend to suck me into their shows, only to cancel. Dark characters with a vendetta who engage in vigilante justice? Yes yes please!

 Yes, I love firefighters. But I will admit the draw is purely for Jesse Spencer (Dr. Robert Chase, House MD). Can we handle him without that darling Aussie accent? From the looks of his improved muscles and promises of bare chest shots, I think I can get over it.

I'm intrigued by this MIL loved the original series, which I've never seen (I know, a crime in many circles). So I'm going to give this a chance as well. He doesn't look too beastly to me ;)

Don't let the DVR hit you on the ass on your way out:

Animal Practice. Even my dog would we bored watching this. A vet "like Dr. House?" What a bunch of horse manure!

Guys with Kids. Give me a break. I expected a show with fumbling dads doing goofy things with their kids (in itself a bit insulting to dads like my husband). It was just.....bad.

So there you have it! I do catch other shows now and then, mostly reality, but these are the shows on my radar!

What new shows are you finding a great addition to the line-up?

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