Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Birthday Post for my Husband

Today my Dear Husband is 43. We met when we were 18 and began dating a month later. After 24 years of being together and 20 years of marriage, I can't imagine my world without him. He is an incredible man; a loving husband; a devoted father.

So honey, here are 43 Things I Love About You...

  1. Your sense of humor, even when (or especially when?) you make all of us groan with your puns.
  2. You watch chick movies with me.
  3. Your cooking is top-notch, whether it's a full Thanksgiving dinner, or Nadia G's mac & cheese.
  4. You love my curves, all of them ;)
  5. I never worry when you cut my hair--you always do a great job (and it saves us $$)
  6. They way you are with kids and animals--signs of a truly incredible man.
  7. You never make me feel embarrassed when I need help with something.
  8. You work hard for our family.
  9. You believe in being a true hands-on father.
  10. Our daughter can have heart-to-heart talks with you.
  11. You're teaching our son to play violin.
  12. You don't mock me over my squeamishness to roaches.
  13. You take care of item in #12
  14. You have very hunky biceps ;)
  15. You may look slightly older than you did at 18 but you still look far younger than 43
  16. You did a great job teaching our daughter how to drive
  17. You're my in-home IT guy
  18. You let me listen to my CDs in the car on road trips
  19. The way you tuck me in at night for bed
  20. Your smile
  21. Your laugh
  22. Those gorgeous blue eyes
  23. I love that our kids look like you (even if I'm an itty bit jealous)
  24. You take my hormones in stride--whether it's death rays or lots of tears
  25. I love spending time with you, even if it's just talking
  26. I love that you love my friends
  27. I love that you tried to grow a mustache for me
  28. Your unconditional love for me and our children
  29. You truly live by our marriage vows
  30. Especially the "in sickness" part
  31. You still know how to surprise me
  32. Your support of my goals, dreams and ideas, no matter how out there they are
  33. You let me keep the room cold to keep away my hot flashes
  34. You are an incredible role model for our children
  35. Your quiet strength and faith
  36. The way you comfort me and stand by me through everything
  37. You always think I'm beautiful, even when I don't feel like it.
  38. You're always on my side
  39. Taking on the role of caregiver, especially at medical appointments
  40. You look HOT in a tuxedo
  41. You look stunning while playing the violin
  42. Through all our ups and downs, you still love me
  43. I love that you are my husband. Mine.

And now you are as old as Sheldon's all time High Record for playing Hacky Sack ;)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall TV: Impressions part 2

I would be remiss if I didn't go more into detail about HOW FREAKING MUCH I LOVE some of the 2012 Fall Season new shows!

True, I did enjoy part of the *amazing* 48hr HouseMD Season 8 marathon on CLOO.  I haven't picked up the BluRay because I am waiting for the entire series to be transferred to this format. So it's been great seeing Seasons 7 and now 8 make it into syndication. Although watching hours of HouseMD S8 back to back brought me to one startling revelation: I would have rather put up with another year of Cuddy JUST so we didn't have the painful experience of having to watch Adams. There I said it. Not a Huddy. Never will be a Huddy. But I'll take her over the phenomenally BAD ACTING we had to endure because, sadly, Olivia Wilde was so smoking hot she got too many movie gigs to be more than in a few episodes.

Random hot photo of Olivia Wilde because THAT'S HOW MUCH I LOVE MY READERS.

So, back to the new shows....*snap snap* Eyes back here now.

Still ABSOLUTELY loving Elementary. Actor Jonny Lee Miller is......amazing. And so like House that I simply MUST love him. Digging Lucy Liu as well. This show can run forever. I can't say it is my favorite show this season, but one of my favorites! And yes I could listen to him forever, both speaking and on violin.


Chicago Fire....Kind of  a more tame version of Rescue Me meets ER (god how I loved THAT show. Both actually.). I like it, I think it has a good cast but wow, am I having a time with Jesse Spencer's..."accent". The premiere episode, his normally soothing voice was just annoying. But ep2 is seemed better. I wish they'd just let him use his normal voice. Or get him a better vocal coach. God knows I love you Jessie, but please...your voice is distracting me from all those gorgeous bodies. Like, say, from this one

Hmm did it get a little warm in here? I think I need a fireman ;)

Speaking of truly HOT NEW GUYS ON FALL TV....

ARROW has hit a BULL'S EYE with me! Ok, so there were many times I half-expected to hear him growl "I'm Batman". Rich playboy, a hot body, able to kick ass, and his own little hideout/batcave, all while protecting his city. Yum yum yum. Truly, the CW is batting it out of the park this season!! (um. no pun intended there).

I've only watched one episode of Beauty and the Beast and I like it. Really. Without having watched the original series, I like the way they explain his "beastliness". But honestly the special effects need some tweaking. His transformation isn't really that...scary. And the plot twists are already a bit confusing. But I will keep watching.

Finally, one show I didn't mention in my previous post that I gave a whirl--and WOW I am so glad I did!--was Emily Owens M.D. FREAKING ADORABLE! and funny, and sweet. I'm really quite pleased with all the "feel goods" available this season. Goodness knows we could all use more positive shows.

How sweet is this face? And wouldn't you want her to be your doctor? The inner monologues are hysterical. I never watched Ally McBeal (I know, another sin against me) but something tells me this is rather much like the humor from that. I'm really quite stunned this is on CW....not that CW is a bad station, just lately most of the shows are aimed at the teen crowd and this show doesn't fit that demographic IMO. Plus, it is THAT GOOD. Loved every single minute of the premiere!

*EDITED TO ADD* Well NO WONDER I love this show and NO WONDER that actress Mamie Gummer is SO FANTASTIC. Her mom is Meryl Streep!

I can't make any observations on this season of Grimm just yet....um, they are all on my DVR. Still. My 10yo son LOVES this show and we haven't had a chance to sit and do a marathon together. So maybe this weekend, just in time for pre-Halloween spookiness ;) Ditto for American Horror Story--that's one show my 17yo daughter is crazy for (and she watches very little TV) so we need to do a mini-marathon of the first 2 eps of this season.

I'm going to catch Mockingbird Lane, it appears to be a type of remake of The Munsters--which is, sorry, a poor substitute for The Addams Family. Yes I watched it. But it just lacked the awesomeness that was TAF.

This does have some appeal from what I saw from the preview. So I'll give it a whirl in the spirit of Halloween fun ;) Plus, Eddie Izzard is just pure joy to watch!

Desperately missing Smash. I still need to buy the songs that were not released on CD. Glee is on hiatus....and WTH, Glee? I cried my head off the last episode. Starting to want to rename it to Glum. Don't get me wrong, I will be a Gleek forever but damn, the whole Blane/Kurt thing about broke my heart.

And still I say,


Until next time.....

Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall TV 2012 Roundup!

One of the joys in my life is television. That was greatly enhanced by two things--an amazing Valentine's day gift from my husband--a fabulous flat screen tv--and a DVR. When you've got chronic illnesses and pain, TV is a great companion.

With a few of my favorites gone, and a slew of new ones this year, it's time for my impressions!

First, RIP to HouseMD and Desperate Housewives. I am still in mourning that the very handsome Hugh Laurie and adorable Robert Sean Leonard no longer grace my TV every Monday *sigh*.

Hooray for those who have returned!!


Looooove Smash! (Returning soon)

Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen--Hottest chef on the network!

Flipping Out makes me feel a bit better about my own OCD....

I should have known I'd love Grimm since it's done by someone from Buffy ;) And HOW ADORABLE is Monroe, a Blutbad (aka Big Bad Wolf).

My kids introduced me to Big Bang Theory this spring--I LOVE SHELDON COOPER! And Soft Kitty :)

American Horror Story Season 2 starts soon....amazing this creepy show is created by the creator of Glee!

Long Island Medium--Theresa Caputo, IMO is the REAL DEAL (and I am on the waiting list to have a reading from her).

NOW for the NEW SEASON! What's finding room on my DVR (so far)

I wasn't sure about this--I wasn't a big fan of Friends--but Go On is very sweet and funny.

Could it be? A possible fill-in for HouseMD? So it's crime and not medicine but if the first episode is any indication, I think I just found a new favorite! Bloody Brilliant indeed!

I thoroughly enjoyed the premiere of Last Resort. Reminds me a bit of Hunt for Red October. And I LURVE Andre Braugher (who was on HouseMD as Dr. Nolan). I worry about the story long-term though.

JJ Abrahms. Sword Fights. Two Thumbs way way UP for Revolution!

TOO Adorable for words! Also brought to you by the maker of GLEE. Another feel good--and SHAME on the bigots who won't air this. GUYS MARRY GUYS. Get over it!

Coming soon for my consideration:

Yummy, yes? CW does tend to suck me into their shows, only to cancel. Dark characters with a vendetta who engage in vigilante justice? Yes yes please!

 Yes, I love firefighters. But I will admit the draw is purely for Jesse Spencer (Dr. Robert Chase, House MD). Can we handle him without that darling Aussie accent? From the looks of his improved muscles and promises of bare chest shots, I think I can get over it.

I'm intrigued by this one....my MIL loved the original series, which I've never seen (I know, a crime in many circles). So I'm going to give this a chance as well. He doesn't look too beastly to me ;)

Don't let the DVR hit you on the ass on your way out:

Animal Practice. Even my dog would we bored watching this. A vet "like Dr. House?" What a bunch of horse manure!

Guys with Kids. Give me a break. I expected a show with fumbling dads doing goofy things with their kids (in itself a bit insulting to dads like my husband). It was just.....bad.

So there you have it! I do catch other shows now and then, mostly reality, but these are the shows on my radar!

What new shows are you finding a great addition to the line-up?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

End Bullying with a CLICK!

Please help support my hero Jaylen Arnold--whose motto is BULLYING NO WAY!

Jaylen is 12, and has Tourette's, OCD and Aspergers. Yet, he goes to schools to teach that bullying is wrong. This grant will allow him to add 20 schools, reach thousands of kids, to spread the message.

He is an amazing young man, and you can find out more at

Thank you!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

20 Years!

Normally I would have shared this on Give Me Something to Sing About, but I've had to make that blog private. If you've been a reader of that blog and want an invite, please feel free to email me :)

I wrote this on another forum and wanted to post here--It's my 20th Wedding Anniversary!!

I really can't believe it's been 20 years....we dated for 4 yrs in college, so we've been together for more than half my life.

We had wanted to do something big this year but finances just weren't there. And I haven't been feeling well this week, so going out to dinner has been moved to this weekend.

BUT! Today has been lovely and wonderful, migraine/pain be damned.

My husband let me buy tickets to Wicked (6th row center!!)--it's not until January so I have months to wait lol. He picked me up some nummy stuff from Panera for our "brunch" at home.

Then we exchanged cards--his made me cry. I swear it was like someone KNEW our lives. And the sweet thing--my daughter picked out the one for my DH since I couldn't get to the store and it was perfect and sweet.

Then gifts--I got him a new watch, a wallet and polo shirt w/ our college emblem (that's where we met, dated, and where he proposed). He got me a gorgeous amethyst necklace, very sophisticated and sparkly :D

He just brought in a vase of lovely pink variegated roses. I told him I could get used to this  ;)

Our kids shocked us--we knew they were going to get us something--they gave us a $50 GC to Bonefish Grill! They know we love to go there but rarely have time or money. I think it says something when our kids want to honor us this way!!

Hubby picked up a cake from a restaurant (our favorite bakery closed *sniffles*) and we ordered a bottle of Moet & Chandon that got here just in time. He's going to make dinner--escargot, conch fritters, stuffed mushrooms, lobster tails and crab claws.

I am so, so blessed. It's been rough lately and spending the day with him has been so awesome even if we didn't do much. Just being together.

Welcome to the Ball Pit!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Welcome to the Blog Big Bang!

I think my blogs are replicating by mitosis. Or something. In any case, if the title doesn't tell you enough, this is going to be a place for fun, entertainment, reviews, pets, parent brags, and anything else I can think up! Think of this as just really long FB status updates ;)

Yes, some would say that my dividing up my blogs into subjects is a little bit OCD-ish. And Some would be right. And I'm totally ok with that!

So sit back, get comfy in the Ball Pit, and enjoy yourself. As always, feel free to comment!